DSBrowserDSBrowser released a browser which integrate secured and anonymous browsing (VPN and Proxy) and a smart cloud. I work for them now for 1 year setting up the new infrastructure and application in version 3.PartouchePartouche technologies develop an online poker solution. I fulfilled a mission in this company during 8 month on C++ and Qt technologies. FirezooFirezoo is an English company which develop smartphone’s games. The apps was originaly developed for iOS, my job was to port this games on Android.hinnoyaHinnoya own a professional training center specialised in IT.  I did on their name a 4 days training on Qt for the company JST Transformateurs.ImmaImma offers trainings for companies in order to increase team skills. I setup an IT infrastructure for them in order for the employee to work efficyialy together (e-mail, calendar, files sharing, VPN, etc.).